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The Wobbly Golfer “Watercolour” by Papion * ” Click onto image for more information”

The Wobbly Golfer “Watercolour” by Papion “Copyright © Papion”

The Original is with a great friend of mine,,,,,,Paul Carson Dundee
How did I come up with this crazy idea,,,,very simple ,,,The hotel which I was staying in while displaying my artwork in Dundee,,,was constantly full of golfers ,,,the owner of the Hotel at the time was a great friend of mine,, Paul Carson,,,,Paul was a fan of my work and asked me to create a painting that would get his golfing guests talking,,,he wanted everything in it, the ball,,,the hole,,the swing,,,the flag,,,etc I sketched the idea to him ,,,he loved it,,,,and the wobbly golfer was born,,,,now he tells me that quite a few golfers have looked at this painting and agreed that some days they feel like nothing has gone right for them…abit like the wobbly golfer,,,,you will see he’s hit the ball,,,and the ball is still in front of him,, If you are a golf widow then this is a great picture for your partner.

Size of Print “which includes cream / beige,” double mount”,,10″ x 23″

Print price £70.00
All Papions prints are on 170gsm textured paper and with high quality pigmented ink
Should you wish any other size ,,,contact artist, or the Gallery on 0191 5653018 10am to 4 pm or email Tel: 07831362568

The thoughts of Papion

If an artist truly believes in being different and is totally rejected by others……then that artist has just made a difference. As for me I feel ( being different ) symbolises, all the years being creative ,,,,,all the artwork sold ,,,,and above all ,,,, the experience gained.