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Summer Bloom * ” Click onto image for more information”

Summer Bloom by Papion

Sometimes I like to leave the comfort zones of accomplished techniques and investigate new ways of putting a painting together, and I really don’t have any hard and fast rules except to do whatever it takes to enjoy myself when I’m painting,

Please note,,,,This “Original” painting by Papion (which is in colour) comes complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist “Papion”

Note ,,,Click on the image opposite to get 4 views of this painting.

Print Size “which includes cream / beige,” double mount”,,
10″ x 23″
“Remember” each print is printed on 170gsm textured paper and with high quality pigmented ink, which means the quality of the print looks as good as the original..
Should you wish any other size ,,,contact artist, or the Gallery on 0191 5653018 10am to 4 pm
Don’t forget …. Free UK delivery

The thoughts of Papion…….

My life is not going be a journey to the grave with the intention of getting there “well-preserved“,
I want to hit death skidding in sideways, a bottle in one hand, and magic in the other, and still screaming, “Whoooooo! What a ride!”…and if you are sick of reading about the evils of drinking…..”give up reading” papion