Papion the Artist - the artist that creates a difference

RAT PACK * ( Original £7000 ) Print £70 ” Click onto image for more information”

Original painting size,,,36″x22″
Complete with black and sliver frame,,,size,,43″x29″
This “Original” Work of Art comes with a Certificate or Authenticity
signed by the artist,,,Papion
“Copyright © Papion”
Print on Canvas…Size 32” by 20”
Price £180
This a Limited Addition of only 50 Each canvas will carry its paperwork detailing what number print it is. A bill of sale “ signed by Papion “plus a full write up of Papion.
For more infomation contact artist, or the Gallery on 0191 5653018 10am to 4 pm or email Tel: 07831362568
Free UK delivery

The thoughts of Papion…….
Artists… (infact all creative people) live off encouragement, it drives us forward. propels us onward to more creative work,
One word of “Encouragement” will always outshine a hundred critical comments,