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Overnight Stay “Watercolour” by Papion ” Click onto image for more information”

ORIGINAL   Is not for sale

Size 10″ x 23″ “which includes creem / beige,” double mount”,,
Should you wish any other size ,,,contact artist,
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The thoughts of Papion.

“My life has hit a crossover so to speak. They say an artist has to die to become famous. A big part of the artist in me has died, because I can’t keep up with my love to create in the many ways I used to. my work is now more of a personal nature, work done for fun and self expression. I want each painting to exist independently and to be felt. I want each work to have a life of its own and to speak for itself.”
My life in art is fulfilling, and I dare to hope it may happily touch other lives, yours included.