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Morning Flock by Papion “Watercolour” ” Click onto image for more information”

ORIGINAL   Is not for sale
My paintings are usually acrylic and mixed media on canvas with a spectrum of colours carefully mixed, blended and arranged to contrast vividly with each other This technique gives (I hope) my paintings a sense of depth and for people who are passionate about the sea, rivers and lakes – whether sailing, swimming or simply sitting on the
Print Size “which includes creem / beige,” double mount”,,
10″ x 23″ 
Price  £70.00
Should you wish any other size ,,,contact artist, or the Gallery on 0191 5653018 10am to 4 pm or email Tel: 07831362568
Each print is as original as the painting.
Free UK delivery

“The thoughts of Papion”

Lasting change happens when people see for themselves that a different way of life is more fulfilling than their present one. Have you ever wanted to live a different life? Take a small step in that direction today. And try to remember….if nothing changes……northing happens….if nothing happens,….nothing changers