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Bar Justice by Papion “Original” Sold to Bar Justice £500 ” Click onto image for more information”

“Copyright © Papion”

I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way–Bar Justice, along with Tipsy blossom are a fine example. They were painted together as a set and are at present hanging in a beautiful up market bar,,,called “Bar Justice“,,in my home town Sunderland,,

Size of Print “which includes cream / beige,” double mount”,,10″ x 23″

 Price £70.00

Printed on 170gsm textured paper and with high quality pigmented ink
Should you wish any other size ,,,contact artist, or the Gallery on 0191 5653018 10am to 4 pm or email Tel: 07831362568

Thoughts of Papion

By making an assault on the viewer’s sensibilities, it disrupts their preconceived notions, making them react. This reaction makes them think. It is the ultimate goal in the creation process.