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About the Artist

Papion “James Youngson” was born and educated in the North East of England, and is one of the most sought after artist in the U.K. he started sketching and drawing as a child. He worked on his own, experimenting in various media and with different techniques. Though he never had any formal education in the arts, he drew inspiration from travel in France and Europe, and from the artists that he met.

In the thirty years of his professional career, Papion has to his credit some sixty exhibitions held in England and Scotland, Papion succeeded in combining the vividness of colour and light to lend exhilarating life to his great love for the Scottish landscape

His paintings are always serious in feeling, and it is impossible to resist their force and beauty. He is a master in many areas; and the fact that he has been producing over many years and has been very favourably recognized in England  and Scotland as well as Overseas is no small measure of his success. Papion has a reputation for bringing imagination and originality to both the traditional and abstract. Papion hopes you enjoy looking through his portfolio, and hopes that you will find something with that “must have” appeal that you can treasure and keep forever.

In Papions own words,

“Art colours our lives and enlightens us with beautiful illusions”Papion